Tom Stodulka

Tom Stodulka has been a lawyer for over thirty years and is accredited as a mediator in Australia, in PNG, China and India. He was fortunate to have been mentored by Sir Laurence Street and continues to promote Sir Laurence’s philosophy of ADR being additional rather than alternative.

During the past 20 years he had over 2500 mediations and has a reputation as an empathetic and skilled mediator second to none. He is as comfortable in mediating a neighbourhood matter as a multi-million dollar commercial dispute with a room full of lawyers. In addition to national accreditation he is an accredited Family Dispute Resolution Practitioner and has had 20 years as a coach and assessor of new mediators through Bond University, LEADR, University of Qld, QUT, IAMA, the Federal Court and the Department of Defence. In September 2013 he received a LEADR excellence award for his contribution to the practice of mediation in Australia.

Tom is an inaugural member of the Australian Mediation Register, the Australian Mediation Association, Brisbane Mediations, On-line Dispute Resolution, Hong Kong, Third Party Mediation, Mutual Mediations, the Mediate Today senior mediator panel, InterMediate, and CLE Consulting and is a member of the Office of Mediation Advisor panel, the Produce and Grocery Industry and Horticultural Ombudsman Mediation Panels.

He is a former Director of LEADR and former President of the NT Mediation Association and sits on the Qld Law Society ADR Committee. He is a guest speaker at ADR conferences and has written numerous articles on ADR for a range of journals. Tom has built up an extensive mentoring and supervision practice for new and experienced mediators.