Our Team

Our directors are experienced practitioners and trainers in ADR and business matters, with more than 20 years in each of these areas. Two of our Directors are lawyers qualified in Civil Law countries and two Directors are Australian qualified lawyers. ADRC also has a panel of experienced practitioners in Neutral Evaluation, Expert Determination, Dispute Boards, Domestic and International Arbitration, Domestic and International Commercial Mediation and Conciliation, Deal Facilitation, among other methods.


Delcy Lagones de Anglim

Delcy is a lawyer, mediator, conciliator, author and trainer, with experience in civil law, international trade law and alternative dispute resolution. Delcy is also a LEADR Advanced Mediator, a Certified Mediator with the International Mediation Institute, Mediator with the International India ADR Association and Convenor of the Mediation Working Group of ICC (International Chamber of Commerce) Australia...

Tom Stodulka

Tom has been a lawyer for over thirty years and is accredited as a mediator in Australia, in PNG, China and India. He was fortunate to have been mentored by Sir Laurence Street and continues to promote Sir Laurence’s philosophy of ADR being additional rather than alternative. During the past 20 years he had over 2500 mediations and has a reputation as an empathetic and skilled mediator second to none...n


The Dispute Resolution Specialists